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Survey USA poll vindicates Moran numbers

Survey USA released a new Kansas Senate poll that should lay to rest any questions about the poll Moran released last week.

The new numbers show Moran with a commanding 26 point lead over Tiahrt. Undecideds dropped by six points, to 15 percent. Looking at ideology, Moran has self-identified conservatives at 53 percent, to Tiahrt’s 31 percent. Pro-lifers side with Moran 51 percent to Tiahrt’s 33 percent. Moran’s support in western Kansas is paying off huge in this poll as well, with 72 percent supporting him. In the same region, Tiahrt comes in at 18 percent. Moran also is performing well in northeast Kansas, with 56 percent, compared to Tiahrt’s 19 percent. Tiahrt, however, is doing quite well in southeast Kansas, with 53 percent, compared to Moran’s 31 percent.

What’s also interesting is 59 percent  of gun owners  in the survey are siding with Moran, along with all categories of those attending religious services.

While these numbers are far from a lock on the primary, they should give the Tiahrt campaign significant pause. This is three straight polls that have Tiahrt behind in as many weeks. They can’t try to kill the messenger anymore. However, Tiahrt has yet to go up on TV the way Moran has. Time will tell if the lead will increase, or if Tiahrt can catch up in the summer home stretch.



One thought on “Survey USA poll vindicates Moran numbers

  1. Polls are funny things. Remember when Huelskamp liked to toot his horn in the 1st district race and say he was the front-runner only to find he was polling in the low teens?

    Posted by kspolitico | May 25, 2010, 6:19 pm

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