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Wasinger gets in the ring

First District Candidate Rob Wasinger took a healthy, albeit indirect, swipe at Tim Huelskamp and Jim Barnett today in a press release commenting on yesterday’s primaries.

The release, which had the subhead of “Kansans are ready for leadership, not failed Topeka politicians,” said:

“Arlen Specter’s loss is yet another sign that Democrats and Republicans alike are sick and tired of career politicians and are ready to usher in a new generation of real public servants to Congress who will crush the corrupt culture of Washington, not be apart of it like Specter was,” said Wasinger. “With polls showing the state legislature’s approval rating in the low 20s, it is clear that Kansans are ready for fresh, new leadership in Washington, not simply more of Topeka. I look forward to making the case to the voters in the final 76 days of the campaign that I am the jobs candidate who will fix our out-migration problem in rural Kansas that Topeka has ignored for far too long.”



6 thoughts on “Wasinger gets in the ring

  1. Being a former staffer and Chief of Staff for a US Senator for the last 12 years or so is about as “insider” as one can be with out being elected. I wonder if Rob realizes that he is not new or fresh.

    Posted by kansas01 | May 19, 2010, 4:16 pm
  2. kansas01, the problem with your assertion is that people like the folks Rob has worked for, Brownback and Moran. Plus, Rob looks young and has nine children which makes him different from the crusty old politicians from Topeka. Besides Rob you also have Shadwick who comes across as sincere (but lacks Rob’s charisma) and you have Mann who is doing a good job of running an outsider campaign but doesn’t have the same credentials Rob does or the money.

    Huelskamp and Barnett are toast which leaves Rob as the defacto winner.

    Posted by kspolitico | May 19, 2010, 4:27 pm
    • kspolitico, if you look at the FEC reports Mann is ahead of Rob with money, not by much but a lead nonetheless. Mann also looks young, and is the youngest I believe, and has also worked for Moran. I agree with your point of crusty politicians from Topeka, that was quite funny.

      However, since Huelskamp and Barnett are toast, I think we are going to get our money’s worth from Mann and Wasinger.

      Posted by kansas01 | May 19, 2010, 5:59 pm
      • kansas01, Yes, if you look at the FEC reports that is true, but it is deceiving. Mann owes over $23k in debt and his cash is inflated by general funds which are illegal to use in the primary, and if you lose in the primary, are mandated by law to return to the contributors.

        Furthermore, the buzz is that he is out of money are trying to mail his way out of 6th place in the polls. He calculated on another poll being done by SurveyUSA in the late Spring which never materialized.

        Will Mann be able to run television commercials? No. Will he have enough money to do voter contact in the end? No.

        Has he raised his name ID for a future run? Yes.

        Make no doubt; Tracey is an impressive candidate, he just doesn’t have the resources to compete in the end.

        Posted by kspolitico | May 19, 2010, 6:10 pm
      • kspolitico, you once again raise good and valid points on the debt owed. But with Mann holding almost a 50k lead over Wasinger before debt, that still gives Mann a 25k advantage. At the same token, all other points apply just as much to Rob as they do to Tracey concerning commercials and voter contact towards the end.

        Posted by kansas01 | May 19, 2010, 6:26 pm
      • Right, you subtract the debt and it’s a $25k advantage, but the problem is that Mann has raised $42,000 in general funds that can’t be raised, while Wasinger has raised just $12,000 in general funds, which is a difference of $30k.

        So in reality, Wasinger held a $5k lead prior to Mann dumping all his money into mail.

        I have not seen any evidence that Wasinger has spent a dime on political mail, nor has he spent money like Huelskamp and Barnett have on paid media, Huelskamp on TV and Barnett on radio.

        So, as far as we know, Wasinger hasn’t spent anything on mail, tv, or radio, while Barnett, Huelskamp, and Mann have.

        And since we’re talking about the context of Wasinger vs. Mann, I think it’s clear Wasinger has the upper-hand, especially if you take January’s polling results as the basis to start, with Wasinger posting a strong 3rd and Mann below both Shadwick and Boldra in 6th.

        Posted by kspolitico | May 19, 2010, 6:36 pm

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