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Tiahrt attacks Moran poll

Todd Tiahrt swung hard at a poll released by the Moran campaign today, labeling it as a “bogus push poll”.

“We have known from multiple reports that the Moran campaign has been conducting a push poll. And while we don’t respond to polls, we do want to note that establishment candidate Jerry Moran and his team of lawyers are growing nervous about the power of the tea party movement with the wave of true conservatives being elected in primaries nationwide,” said Michelle Schroeder, spokesperson for the Tiahrt campaign. “Releasing a laughable polling memo in an attempt to change the subject is understandable considering Jerry Moran has a record of voting for 12 tax increases, a $400 million travel industry bailout for Las Vegas, and President Obama’s plan of nationalized healthcare through the SCHIP expansion.”

This has to worry the Tiahrt campaign if they’re responding when, by their own admission, they normally wouldn’t. The previous post took a look at the poll, but no matter which poll you look at, Moran has never been behind and has a $2 million advantage in cash-on-hand. I don’t know how someone could call Moran desperate under those circumstances.

Continuing with the negative escalation we’ve seen between the two, this comment stands out in particular.

“The desperation of the Moran campaign is clear. It may be time for Jerry to bring in a fifth campaign manager, as it seems their ability to deceive the voters of Jerry’s conservatism is not taking hold,” concluded Schroeder.

Well, something is sure taking hold. If it keeps getting this negative, however, the voters might want it to let go.


One thought on “Tiahrt attacks Moran poll

  1. I read this in Pittsburg Morning Sun this morning:

    “This is a polling firm that has a lot of credibility,” Duffy said. “They didn’t get that way by doing push polls.”

    She said that there was not really a lot of substance from the statements made by the Tiahrt campaign and that the poll numbers released by Moran were “legit.”

    ….Very interesting. I have a love/hate relationship with this race. Bet we’ll be talking about this stuff for years.

    We’ll see how this all turns out in August though, polls do tend to be “snapshots”.

    Posted by kansas4ever | May 20, 2010, 3:25 pm

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