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The ‘true conservative’ wars continue

Senate candidate Todd Tiahrt fired a new salvo at Rep. Jerry Moran today over who is more conservative, with an announcement on his rating by the Club for Growth, and subsequent award.

Says the release:

Congressman Todd Tiahrt’s (R-Goddard) U.S. Senate campaign today announced that Tiahrt will receive the “Defender of Economic Freedom Award” from the Club for Growth for his rating on their 2009 Congressional Scorecard.  Congressman Tiahrt outscored his opponent on the CFG scorecard which ranks each member on their pro-growth, fiscal conservative votes on both the newest 2009 scorecard as well as in the lifetime rating.  Cong. Tiahrt and Sen. Roberts will be the only members of the Kansas delegation to receive the “Defender of Economic Freedom Award” for 2009.

“Jerry Moran has tried to deceive the voters of Kansas with the bogus assertion that he is a fiscal conservative, but this scorecard is yet another example which shows that Todd Tiahrt is the only true fiscal conservative in the race for the U.S. Senate,” said Michelle Schroeder, spokesperson for the Tiahrt campaign.

This is just the latest in what is rapidly becoming an ugly battle of negatives for the GOP Senate nod.



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