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New polls

We’re a little late to the party with this because of All Schools Day in McPherson. However, Rasmussen released a batch of new polls late last week showing (and this should come as surprise to nobody) Sen. Sam Brownback is maintaining a comfortable lead over his Democratic rival for governor, Tom Holland.

Brownback is polling at 58 percent, which is up from 55 percent in February, while Holland sits on 27 percent.

The senate race remains a safe bet for the GOP as well. Moran, however, beats Tiahrt against Democrats. He’s at 60 percent over David Haley, 61 percent over Johnston and 59 percent over Schollenberger. Tiahrt comes in at 50 percent over Haley, 57 percent against Johnston and 55 percent against Schollenberger.

As far as favorable/unfavorable polling goes, Moran comes in at 32 percent very favorable and 6 percent very unfavorable, while Tiahrt has very favorable ratings at 32 percent and very unfavorable ratings at 16 percent.



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