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And the ‘Golden Wheelbarrow’ goes to…

We don’t give out awards here at Prairie Politics, but if we did, Sen. Roger Reitz (R-Manhattan) would be a shoe-in for the “Golden Wheelbarrow Award” for this stunning, unreal statement regarding a proposal by 1st District candidate Sen. Jim Barnett seeking to cut legislator’s per-diem pay, and how he’s entitled to it.

“We’re a little cut above the folks who sent us here,” Reitz said.

The criteria for the “Golden Wheelbarrow Award” is simple. It’s based solely on necessity. Reitz needs a wheelbarrow of some sort to cart around his colossal balls – the kind of balls that can only be obtained by inferring superiority based on association with an organization that helped rack up the state’s biggest budget deficit in history.

Congrats Reitz, you really earned it.



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