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Wasinger gets new endorsement

Marysville businessman Don Landoll, owner of the Landoll Corporation, threw his support behind 1st District Candidate Rob Wasinger today.

“I am endorsing Rob Wasinger for Congress because he is the only candidate in the race who is talking about revitalizing our rural economy by creating a pro-growth economic environment,” Landoll said. “I worked with Rob Wasinger when he served us as Senator Brownback’s chief-of-staff and I am fully confident he is tested and proven to fill the big shoes of Jerry Moran. Rob Wasinger is the ‘jobs candidate’ I trust to get our economy going.”



One thought on “Wasinger gets new endorsement

  1. This is a big endorsement. Unlike the national politicians who have endorsed Huelskamp and Wasinger, this is an endorsement that actually matters. Landoll is a legend in the northeastern part of the district and has significant pull obviously in Marysville but in places like Beloit, Clay Center, etc.

    Posted by kspolitico | May 5, 2010, 7:10 pm

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