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Tiahrt announces CR endorsement

Rep. Todd Tiahrt announced his endorsement by the Kansas Federation of College Republicans today.

“The Kansas Federation of College Republicans has delivered a fresh wave of enthusiasm and excitement to the campaign by supporting my efforts to fight for lower taxes and less government control of our daily lives” Tiahrt said, “It is exceptional for college students to be so engaged, and I am honored to stand with these young Kansas leaders. I look forward to continuing to work with them in the months ahead.”

Added the Federation:

“College Republicans in Kansas believe it is important to boldly stand for conservative candidates who demonstrate a genuine desire to work with young voters. Congressman Todd Tiahrt is the only candidate who has consistently supported and trumpeted the work our federation and local chapters are doing to promote conservatism on our campuses and in our state,” said Caleb Hays, Pittsburg State CR Vice President and KSFCR Communications Director.

This endorsement has not been free of controversy, as three of the schools in the Federation (KU, Fort Hays and Washburn) voted to make no endorsement, saying it would be for the best for the Federation to not get involved in a primary – leading to some division in the group.



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