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Moran blasts Obamacare

As if Congressman Moran hadn’t made his dislike for the nation’s new health care legislation clear enough, he took advantage of another opportunity to blast Obamacare Friday via a press release expressing his disappointment and concern for the nation.

“This sobering assessment of the new health care reform law confirms one of my biggest concerns of the plan from Day One – its failure to reduce health care costs,” said Moran. “It is extremely disappointing that this fiscally irresponsible plan was pushed into law, despite overwhelming evidence of its failure to reduce health costs. President Obama has given speech after speech highlighting the need to bend the cost curve down, yet this plan doesn’t match up to his rhetoric.”

He goes on to explain that he is concerned with impacts the Medicare cuts could bring to Kansas hospitals and physicians. “Our Kansas hospitals, doctors, and nurses rely on reimbursements from Medicare and these cuts will drive them into the red and jeopardize access to health care for Kansans,” Moran said in the release.

The study from the Center of Medicare and Medicaid Services Moran  finds that the new legislation will in fact increase national health care expenditures by at least $311 billion by 2019. The report differs from earlier data released by the Congressional Budget Office because it estimates total health care costs, not the resulting deficit, as the budget office findings did.

Moran and most other Washington Republicans have continued to be vocal about their dislike for the new health care plan. Plans to challenge the legislation have been stagnant and Republicans don’t have enough numbers to overturn the legislation now- and possibly won’t have enough after October. But the fight will likely continue through campaign season as conservatives use it as a rally cry against liberals and big government.


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