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Debate debacle

On May 7, both Jerry Moran and Todd Tihart will be in Great Bend for the 3i Show. However, they will not be debating each other. On April 10, Moran and Tiahrt were at the Kansas Federation of College Republicans Convention, and did not debate each other. On May 14, there was the possibility of a debate between Moran and Tiahrt here in McPherson. No dice. On July 19, there exists the possibility of a debate between Moran and Tiahrt in Topeka. One said yes, the other has yet to respond. I’d give you three guesses as to who hasn’t responded, but, given the preceding information, you’ll probably only need one.

When are these two candidates going to get in the ring with each other?

Moran’s issue is that he needs to be in Washington. However, Tiahrt is a Congressman too. So what’s the strategy here? In fact, is there a strategy beyond the fact that Tiahrt needs these debates, and Moran does not? Maybe, but in politics there’s how it is, and how it looks. How it looks is usually the stronger influence. How does it look then? It looks like a lot of ducking.

That’s a shame, because a Moran/Tiahrt debate would be a hell of a show. Plus, it’s what the voters need and deserve. I have no doubts that the two will eventually face off. Indeed they already have on radio. However, radio only conveys so much. Think about the first Kennedy/Nixon debate of 1960. Most people who watched it thought Kennedy won, given Nixon’s appearance, which could be best described as tired and sickly. Most people who listened to it on the radio thought Nixon won, because they didn’t have to see him.

Moran can only keep this up for so long. He’s going to have to debate Tiahrt. It won’t be as many debates as Tiahrt wants, but it should be more than one.


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