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No love for the legislature

The latest Survey USA tracking poll was released, showing Kansans are not happy with the state legislature at all.

Disapproval for the GOP led legislature is at 63 percent. That, according to the latest Gallup poll, is 24 points lower that President Obama’s approval rating in Kansas. Let that sink in for a moment. More people in Kansas think Obama is not as bad as the Republican legislature.

Disapproval is about the same across ideological lines, with conservatives at 60 percent, moderates at 65 percent and liberals at 66 percent.

Of course, these things have to be expected when things like education and social services have been cut to the bone. When Governor Parkinson was here earlier this week, he said that, over the past decade, the legislature had cut almost $10 billion in taxes, which were never even paid by the bulk of the state’s population. Had $1 billion of that been saved, according to Parkinson, the state would not be facing the crisis it is now.

This might just be a case of “you break it, you buy it.”



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