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Looking at the numbers

Tim Huelskamp remains the financial monster of the big first. He has no debt, lots of cash on hand and plenty of confidence heading into the summer. Money doesn’t guarantee victory, but it does make one feel better. Yet, he’s still behind Wasinger in one category – small dollar donations, which is a good indicator of rank and file support in the party. Wasinger brought in $40,789 in unitemized (less than $250) contributions – more than $20,000 over Huelskamp, who has $19,442,, and $30,000 more than Mann, who took in $10,514.

However, even with this kind of grassroots support, and a commanding second place finish in the quarter, Wasinger is raising a lot of money outside the state. Out of 239 total contributions, only 79 come back with Kansas addresses.

This helps and hurts Wasinger. It helps because money is still money, and works the same in all 50 states. It also shows that he already can work and play well with others in other states, which isn’t surprising given his former role as Sen. Brownback’s chief of staff. You don’t get to that level without making contacts nationwide, which would serve him well if elected. It hurts because it’s not local money. Huelskamp, while still having many out of state donors, has predominantly Kansas cash, as does Jim Barnett, Tracey Mann and the rest.

As far as cash on hand amounts, it’s still the Huelskamp and Barnett show. Huelskamp is sitting on $530,582. Barnett has $382,824. The difference between the two is Barnett owes himself $100,000, and Huelskamp is debt free. Mann comes in third with $261,743.97, Subtract the $100K owed by Barnett, and Mann almost pulls even. But, then again, Mann has $23,246 of his own debt to consider. Wasinger comes in fourth with $213,435.

The time for raising money, while always continuing, is also closing in the sense that the time to really start spending money has started. Huelskamp went up on TV, Mann is sending out mailers and other campaigns have seen expenditures go up. These are interesting numbers though, and still show that its anyone’s race.



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