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Tiahrt gets Tea Party endorsement-updated

The Tiahrt campaign picked up a potentially big endorsement Thursday, as the Tea Party Express threw its weight behind his candidacy, describing him as a “movement hero.”

I am honored to have the support of the Tea Party Express and excited to be a part of this grass-roots movement that focuses on the constitutional, conservative principles our country was founded upon,” said Congressman Tiahrt. “The Tea Party activists are patriotic Americans who believe our country is on the wrong track, and they recognize my record as the true conservative in this Senate race. I will continue to stand up to President Obama and Nancy Pelosi and will keep on fighting for core values of limited government and lower taxes.”

Congressman Jerry Moran’s camp shot back- without mention of the endorsement. Moran claims he was to attend the Tea Party event in Kansas City that Tiahrt flew to Thursday but instead chose to stay in Washington to speak against H.R. 4851, the Continuing Extension Act of 2010, which includes extensions for unemployment benefits, COBRA benefits and more.

According to Moran’s camp, the bill would add $18 billion to the federal deficit. In a release issued Thursday night, Moran’s spokesperson Dan Conston labeled the turn of events “ironic” and said Tiahrt’s lack of interest in voting against H.R. 4851 shows his lack of commitment to fiscal conservative measures.

“It’s both disappointing and ironic that Todd Tiahrt would actually skip a vote against more spending and increasing our federal deficit to attend a rally specifically about stopping Washington’s spending. On Tax Day, concerned Americans at tea parties across Kansas gathered to send Washington a message. Only one candidate for Senate heard that message. Jerry Moran stood on the House floor to put a voice and a vote to their frustrations, while the other candidate went missing.”

The shot from Moran’s campaign is one of what is to be many fired between the two campaigns arguing who is the more conservative candidate.



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