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Mann puts ‘Mann Plan’ online

Republican 1st District candidate Tracey Mann has put his “Mann Plan” online. He’s been on a 22 county tour promoting it, to some fairly positive responses.

Again, not playing favorites, but out of all the candidates many observers consider “second tier” in the Big First,  Mann seems to have the best chance of climbing out of obscurity to claim a seat at the head table in this race. He might not have the most people at his rallies, but, when you look at who shows up, they tend to be local political and business leaders. There’s just over 100 days left until the primary, so anything could happen.



One thought on “Mann puts ‘Mann Plan’ online

  1. Mann is a good kid and from what I’ve heard put out a major mailer, might have been 50,000 pieces. He mailed the same week he did his tour, so I expect that Mann will make a major climb in the next poll and, given the major mailing and the tour, probably raised over $100k this past quarter. We’ll find out tomorrow.

    Posted by kspolitico | April 14, 2010, 3:30 pm

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