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And Huelskamp’s ‘major’ announcement is…

(drum roll…)

A 30 second ad.

Yes, a 30 second ad, called “Tax Day.”

Says the release:

(The ad) is a positive, issue-oriented profile of Senator Huelskamp and his record of fighting for lower taxes. Huelskamp is the first candidate in the race for First District Congress to begin advertising on television.

“Other candidates talk about opposing taxes, but Tim Huelskamp has a proven track record of fighting tax increases to prove it,” said Huelskamp spokesman David Ray. “That’s why he won numerous awards for keeping taxes low and why the Club for growth has endorsed him.”

The ad can be found on YouTube.



One thought on “And Huelskamp’s ‘major’ announcement is…

  1. Yawn. From what I’ve heard it’s a relatively low dollar ad buy with little saturation at a point where nobody is paying attention. They are going to think he’s running against Wink!

    Posted by kspolitico | April 13, 2010, 5:07 pm

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