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Moran and Tiahrt fire earmark salvos at each other

Jerry Moran opened this round by saying that the folks running for Tihart’s congressional seat are distancing themselves from Tiahrt earmark requests.

“It’s interesting to see the very people running to replace Todd Tiahrt openly rebuking him and his signature issue: earmarks. As an appropriator, Todd Tiahrt has long championed some of the most egregious wasteful earmarks, including securing $400,000 for indoor tennis courts and voting against removing earmarks for Rep. John Murtha’s ‘airport for nobody,'” Moran said.

This came from a recent Wichita debate, where all the candidates in question believe that earmarks should be banned. The Wichita Eagle story that references the earmark comments do not contain any slights by any of the candidates against Tihart though. There’s a rebuke against earmarks, but no rebuke against Tiahrt

Tiahrt countered with this statement:

“Jerry Moran’s hypocrisy is the problem.” said Tiahrt Campaign Communications Director Michelle Schroeder. “Jerry Moran may not be as effective as Todd Tiahrt in securing federal dollars for his constituents, but he sure tries – including the more than $17 million in earmark requests this Congress.

We did a comparison story on Moran and Tiahrt’s success with earmarks last month. Give it a read.



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