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Wasinger calls for constitutional originalist to replace Stevens

U.S. Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens has announced his pending retirement this summer. First District candidate Rob Wasinger released this statement, hoping for a replacement that isn’t an activist judge:

“I call on President Obama to nominate a qualified individual who has an originalist view of the Constitution and has a record of showing judicial restraint,” said Wasinger. “The American people strongly disapprove of activist judges and I hope that the president will recognize this.”

Get ready for a fight. I don’t see the GOP giving a lot of ground on nominations after Obama’s recent health care victory. However, given that the GOP his its own problems right now (most of them called Michael Steele), one has to wonder how coordinated any opposition will be, and if obstructing any nominations would be smart right now. That’s not to say, however, a healthy vetting and nomination process would be a bad thing.



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