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Huelskamp continues to challenge Barnett on health care

The SB 309 duel continues, as the Huelskamp campaign is continuing to go after Jim Barnett, denying that Huelskamp voted for SB 309 in its original form, and introducing a comment from former State Senator Peggy Palmer. Palmer said in a Huelskamp press release:

“I was there when Jim Barnett introduced SB 309 to mandate government approved health insurance on Kansans. His proposal would have created a quasi-state entity and added layer upon layer of massive new government mandates and bureaucracy.”

Palmer served on the Health and Welfare and Health Care Strategies committees. Barnett has denied he supported mandates – a statement Huelskamp campaign manager David Ray takes issue with, along with Barnett’s claim that Huelskamp voted for the bill.

No amount of spinning and flipping can change Jim Barnett’s support for individual healthcare mandates,” said Ray. “But to accuse Senator Huelskamp of voting for a bill that never even came to a vote is beyond the pale.



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