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Huelskamp hits Barnett hard

The Huelskamp campaign came out swinging against Jim Barnett on Tuesday, with an attempt to put Barnett next to President Obama on health care reform.

“Jim Barnett is committing political malpractice by posing as a conservative. Unfortunately for him, he has a ‘pre-existing condition’, that should disqualify him,” said Huelskamp campaign manager David Ray in a press release. “Jim Barnett’s ‘pre-existing condition’ is his liberal record of supporting a government-run health care scheme in Kansas.”

The release refers to SB 309, The Kansas Health Care Connector Act, sponsored by Barnett in 2007. The Huelskamp campaign asserts the bill contains many of the same ideas contained in the recently passed federal health care legislation, including mandated coverage. The legislation did not pass.

The fiscal note for SB 309 seems to back up some of Huelskamp’s allegations:

On or after January 1, 2009, residents of Kansas who are over age 18 and not yet age 65 would be required to offer proof of their ability to pay for medical care for themselves and their dependents. Individuals could demonstrate compliance with this requirement by demonstrating coverage with a health benefit plan or proof of financial security by presenting a $10,000 bond or establishing a $10,000 escrow account with KHPA. If an individual cannot demonstrate proof of ability to pay for health care, KHPA would create an escrow account and capture any tax refund or attach the wages of that individual, until the $10,000 amount is met. The funds in that account would be used by KHPA to pay medical claims for health care was not insured or did not prove the ability to pay for medical care.

I haven’t had a chance to read the bill yet, or weigh the legitimacy of the charges, so I’ve attached it to this post. Feel free to read at your leisure. Full analysis will be forthcoming.

SB 309 – As introduced



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