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Cobb pens book

Marck Cobb, the latest contestant for the 1st District, recently penned a book called, “Uncommon Sense – Searching For Inspiration and Wisdom.”

Cobb is running a grassroots campaign. In fact, it’s just about as grassroots as one can get without needing a full-time groundskeeper on the campaign payroll. However, Cobb is one of the few candidates that are making national security a major campaign plank. Given he’s a former combat pilot, Air Force Academy graduate and Pentagon analyst, not to mention a recipient of the Distinguished Flying Cross, he’s got the experience to back his campaign ideas up, at least on national security.

However, despite that experience, he needs to get in the game more. He told me he won’t be filing a report with the FEC, because he has neither raised nor spent enough money to require one. That’s not because he’s having trouble raising money, either. It’s how he wants it. He recently updated his website, though.

Grassroots is good, but he’s running against people who have been planning this for a long time. However, more money does not always equal a good message, and Cobb is a good guy (not an endorsement, just an observation).

Cobb’s book is available in McPherson at The Well, The Bookshelf and the McPherson Museum gift shop.



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