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Down to two, but not really…

A lot of the rhetoric coming out of the Tim Huelskamp campaign wants people to believe we’re down to two in the big first, even though its really still seven people (counting one Democrat) and four months til it really gets whittled down.

Huelskamp’s chosen opponent – Jim Barnett. Check out an excerpt from a recent Huelskamp fundraising letter.

“You see, I’m running against Jim Barnett, a moderate Republican who partnered with Obama’s Health and Human Services Secretary, Kathleen Sebelius, to put together various radical healthcare proposals that share some scary similarities with Obamacare.
Jim Barnett is also self-financing his campaign to the tune of six-figure dollar amounts. My wife Angela and I can’t write six-figure checks to our campaign, so I’m counting on the support of hundreds of grassroots conservative supporters like yourself.”

It’s in Huelskamp’s best interest to try and turn this into a two way race. He’s still the fundraising leader (however, I’m just dying to see the upcoming FEC quarterly reports) and he acts like it’s all sewn up. The only problems out there with this strategy are named  Rob Wasinger,  Tracey Mann, Monte Shadwick,  Sue Boldra and Marck Cobb. They might have something to say about being left out of the party.

The other problem with this appeal is that its oblivious to something called irony. I don’t know if someone can go around for months touting themselves as being the fundraising leader and then cast themselves as David to Barnett’s  fiscal Goliath. There’s a hint of desperation there. It’s subtile, but its there nonetheless.



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